Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shoalanda Jessica Snarker?

Earlier today, two residents of Wildwood Trail called our blog snarky. Yes, we know, surely not us. One resident felt we should address the problems of residents of West Irvine Avenue once the new apartment complex is completed. 

We've touched on this before, but we want to stress these two things. First, we believe the planning department of Florence will make sure there is adequate infrastructure - sidewalks, entrances, exits, etc. 

Second, we want to ask what the residents who have complained about this project thought Hensley-Graves planned to do with the property? Please tell us. How did any of you think this property was not eventually destined for the home of apartments?


Now, a word about news. No matter what any of us think about the TimesDaily, it publishes more news than any other outlet. Yes, some is hard to find among all the cheerleading, but it's there. 

We also have three online news outlets, two of which publish every day and two of which actually publish news stories not found elsewhere. We suggest you read these two online news sites to get a complete picture of what's going on in the Shoals. 


We've been asked if we have an update on Lexie Norfleet, UNA student/softballer who was injured in a boating mishap this past weekend. We do not, but appreciate any information our readers may have to pass along. 

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