Saturday, June 24, 2017

Free Range Chickens, Children, & Commissioners

It seems there's a free range chicken farm in Lauderdale County. This farm recently increased the number of fowl it houses, and neighbors are upset. Here's a quote from a woman who lives in the area:

“They told me I was in my right to kill them birds, but after they ate in my chicken stuff and pooped on my property, any disease they got, I’ve got.

Gentle readers, if you live in the county you may do so for many reasons. Certainly one reason is lack of laws to govern what you may or may not do. Don't forget that when your neighbors irritate you.

Let's also not forget that a lack of home rule in this state hampers the county governments from improving your quality of life. You have the power to change that..if you want to.


Free range children? Keeping a firm hold on your children should mean telling your 15 year-old daughter not to wear a crop top to a party. When she's 23 and leaves her husband and children for the local drug dealer, it's too late to tell her she needs to do the right thing.


We've recently had several complaints about the Colbert County Commission. We have two regular writers who live in Colbert County - J. Redmon and Leslie M. Shoals. The Midnight Rider also lives in Colbert, but he's primarily on hiatus working on a personal project.  

We're asking them and our readers to tell us what the problems are. We always publish anonymously, so feel free to speak your mind.

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