Thursday, June 15, 2017

Developments in the UNA Discrimination Case

From Concerned Citizen 101:

An earlier article talked about Andrew Luna who was Director of Institutional Research and was removed from his position and has not been seen on campus since. An interim director has been appointed. This occurred late January 2017 early February. There are several reasons going around about why he's not been there. One of the reasons is he was written up last year for not "doing" his job. However, if you look at the above mentioned website you will see he is still getting paid over $8,000 per month. Why would he still be on payroll if he was removed for not doing his job? Why is he still getting paid if he's not coming to work.

Well here's the update... if you check the website
and click on the month of June 2017 you will see Andrew Luna was paid over $32,000 this month. I guess they finally finished negotiating his settlement and this was the payoff. Again if he was terminated for not doing his job back in January or February why has he been on payroll all this time and more importantly why the huge amount this month?

Also, in an earlier article it was reported about the Mitchell v University of North Alabama discrimination lawsuit. Well there's been some more questionable activities since then. It was mentioned in the article that Head of HR Catherine White told Mitchel that effective February 1, 2017 she would be moved back under David Shields' supervision.

Here's the update... if being placed back under the control of the very person you have filed years worth of complaints including audio recordings to prove your allegations wasn't enough they are now making Audrey Mitchell rearrange her office area so that Kevin Jacques (another key person named in the lawsuit) can have an office right next to hers. This is supposed to happen June 23, 2017.

You mean to tell me President Kitts, Head of HR Catherine White and Amber Fite-Morgan who is the University Attorney and Chief Diversity Officer all are okay with intentionally creating a hostile work environment. Which by the way is against the law. All of these people whose job it is to uphold the law and protect those that have been violated, thought it was a good idea to publicly retaliate against Ms. Mitchell. Which by the way also against the law.

Anyone smell a setup? They are trying to harass her until she either drops the lawsuit or leaves UNA. If that doesn't work they are also hoping to get some dirt on her or get her to lose her temper so they can use it against her to terminate her. I pray she continues to stand strong.

Something needs be done with everyone on EC and those named in this lawsuit. Where's the Board of Trustees? Do they think this is okay? Are they helping President Kitts, David Shields and others named in this lawsuit get away with it? Has anyone on the Board requested an independent investigation into the documents filed and evidence presented?

There is no way this lawsuit should have gotten this big. This should have been addressed properly and lawfully when Mitchell first filed the complaint with then President Cale and then again with Interim President John Thornell.

If I had the evidence I would file a complaint with the The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and have them come investigate UNA's policies for investigating complaints. I would also file a complaint with the Alabama Bar Association against Amber Fite-Morgan.

I know somebody on that campus has some evidence. Well, they need to take a stand. I know that's easier said than done but I can tell you that nothing is going to change until UNA is fully investigated by outside unbiased agencies.

This also needs to be on the six o'clock news. I know one of your readers has to know somebody who will break this story. Pressure from the community knowing the dirty little secrets will force UNA and the Board of Trustees to acknowledge what's really going on and put processes in place to prevent these activities from happening again. It's time to use your resources and expose the "Real" UNA. That's the only way true change is going to happen.

Let's all rally behind these employees and help them get justice. They can only do so much without risking being retaliated against or terminated. Post comments with names and resources that will be willing to do a full story on all of this. I would love to turn on the news and see a real investigative piece UNA.

Wouldn't you???!!!!


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  1. Let me see, what is the term....??? OH YEAH, mud raking! It seems this blog is on a "tear" to slam UNA. This latest ranking shows a different story. Of course, people like the ones who "guest" editorialize on this blog are usually not looking for the good in anything. GO LIONS!

    1. If you read the criteria for the rankings, a "positive" was the ACT score admission level. No, not highest, but lowest. That means UNA could possibly have the second dumbest students among all four year colleges in Alabama. Shall we now say "Thank God for Troy?"

    2. BTW, we think you mean muck raking, not mud raking.