Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Money Pit Deepens at Cypress Lakes

Yesterday we looked at a proposed Florence tennis court complex; today we'll look at something worse, something that is already a reality.

From Leslie M. Shoals:

Let's see if we understand this right, 2013 through APRIL 2017, the Cypress Lakes Golf Course (AKA Muscle Shoals City Council) has LOST close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS of the tax payers' money.

104 MEMBERS and only 45 are CITY RESIDENTS.

MORE THAN HALF of the members of the Golf Course are NOT M.S. residents but are COSTING MUSCLE SHOALS TAX PAYERS CLOSE TO ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

Mr. Chris Hall, when is the light bulb going to go off in your head? I know your background and understand how you think everyone else should pay for your expertise, but at this rate, you're only one year in but it appears you have consumed gallons of the Kool-Aid if you think this is a smart proposition. Mr. Whitesell knew exactly what he was doing when he suckered all of you. Too bad we can't make y'all pay for your bad decisions out of your own pockets.

Lucy, you have some "splaining to do".

Mr. Arndt, you think those 59 non resident golf club members and others occasionally visiting the course are "probably" spending money on food and gas that justifies these massive losses? When will your light bulb start lighting up?

Sounds like you boys need to take a few accounting and budgeting classes along with those lame brains on the city council.

Leslie M. Shoals


The only way to remedy this situation is to show up at council meetings and demand change. Make sure the press knows what is going to happen. Write letters to the TimesDaily. Write letters to and call your council members.

No, no city department may be making money, but how many are losing it in these amounts? 

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  1. This golf course was embroiled in controversy in the late 80s and 90s when it was changing owners.
    The majority of councilmembers knew the problems when they took it off Neal Whitesell's hands at our expense.
    As far as other departments not making a profit, essential services are an expense, not a profit maker, this is the reason for taxes.
    Firemen, Policemen, Street Department and other essential services are what we should be paying taxes for - not adult sports, leave that to private ventures.
    These losses are not acceptable. The citizens deserve better.