Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inspiration Landing/Passing the Trash

John Elkington

Anyone heard anything new on Inspiration Landing in Sheffield? It's been two weeks since Sheffield ponied up $2,500.00 to initiate an environmental assessment on an old dump site--probably too soon for any definitive reports. Yet while we were checking on possible results, we noticed something.

John Elkington, developer extraordinaire, asked Sheffield to pay the relatively small fee for the assessment. Sheffield, a perennial Sadie Hawkins in Alabama development, said sure and may we buy you a Mercedes while you're waiting.



Speaking of trash, we assume everyone has kept up at least slightly with the Tad & Lizzie saga out of Columbia, Tennessee. Hasn't anyone wondered why a 50 year-old man suddenly became interested in 15 year-old girls? The answer is: unless he has a brain tumor or some similar disease, he didn't. He's always had a yen for girls this age and the schools where he's taught have known it.

Pass the trash...


In case you've missed it, there are petitions circulating to disbar both Jeff Sessions and Luther Strange in Alabama. Will they accomplish anything? No, but surely it will make us feel better at least to sign on the dotted line to give Strange what he deserves. He almost makes TK the AG look good...almost.

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