Monday, March 13, 2017

How UNA Really Mucked It Up With Move To Division One

A Guest Editorial:

This Line-Up Has Even Leo Bumfuzzled

Proponents of UNA have said FCS did not do diligence as far as planning. I would say that's more true for UNA's move to Division 1. The schools we will be playing are so far away how many people will come from out of state to see a game? How many UNA fans will travel and how much money will it cost to transport UNA teams? I would argue UNA will need less parking for games.

The Atlantic Sun does not sponsor football so they have partnered with the Big South. Here is a list of teams in that conference and the distance from Florence, Alabama:

Campbell- 9 hr and 48 minute drive, 670 miles
Charleston Southern- 8 hr 23 minute drive, 560.2 miles
Gardner-Webb- 7 hr 6 minute drive, 465.8 miles
Highpoint- 8hr 41 minute drive, 556.9 miles
Longwood- 10hr 4 minute drive, 637.3 miles
Presbyterian College- 6hr 44 minute drive, 446 miles
Redford- 7hr 48 minute drive, 505 miles
UNC Asheville- 6hr 19 minute drive, 398 miles
Winthrop- 7hr 40 minute drive, 497.9 F
Mounmouth- 14hr 55 min drive, 981.4 miles

When the announcement came out it said all UNA Athletic teams are going Division 1 so here is a list of the teams and distance in the Atlantic Sun Conference, sports other than football will be playing:

FGCU- 12 hr and 8 minute drive, 850 miles
Jacksonville- 9 hr 4 minute drive, 612 miles
Kennesaw State- 4 hr and 12 minute drive, 228 miles
Lipscomb- 2 hr 14 minute drive, 128 miles
New Jersey Institute of Technology-14 hr 49 minute drive, 979 miles
North Florida- 9 hr 10 minute drive, 619 miles
South Carolina Upstate- 6 hr 32 minute drive, 435 miles
Stetson- 10 hr 12 minute drive, 682 miles.

UNA teams will spend a lot more time traveling than playing with this move and a ton of money. Was a lot of thought put into this?

Editor's Note: No, that's not really Leo; that's the famous Clarence.


Ah, yes. Welcome to Florence where you don't have to be bi-polar to be elected to office, but it helps. How long until UNA wants more money? Perhaps Kitts can give some of his 40K bonus back?

No, wait. We have a better idea. Since UNA is so flush, why not have the university give some of the three million back that the City of Florence donated toward the new science building?

Live in Florence? How long does it take you to make three million dollars? Oh, sorry. The floor is too cold to laugh and roll on, isn't it?

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