Friday, March 31, 2017

Johnny Mack Morrow's Catch-22/Roundabout it?

Franklin County's Johnny Mack Morrow and Allen Farley of Jefferson County have proposed several new takes on improving prisons in Alabama. One is to clean up gangs and cell phones, ensuring no new prisons are needed. We're not exactly sure how that works. Remove cell phones and excess prisoners are so distraught that they die on the spot? Hmmm, it could work.

But the DOC says aside from some perfunctory sweeps of prisons, cell phones aren't a top priority. It's waiting for new prisons with cell blocking technology to make those little bundles of contraband totally useless. We believe that's called a Catch-22.

Johnny Mack isn't so keen on the current prison commissioner either. He says Commissioner Dunn doesn't have previous corrections experience as required. The state's personnel director says that requirement is "vague." Well, that explains a lot of the people currently working for the state, doesn't it?


Governor Bentley wants new prisons, and someone in Florence wants a roundabout...somewhere. It turns (pun intended) out that there are actual memes about roundabouts...lots of them. This is for a reason, folks.

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