Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Is WRONG With Britton Watson?

Today Britton Watson voted against accepting a Craig Construction bid and starting work on the new middle school. Watson was the only board member to do so. She suggested it would be cheaper to keep students in the modular classrooms for a while. We have no idea how long she thinks these modular structures will suffice.

We will stress that Watson was not on the school board when it voted to tear down the old Coffee High building that was being used for a middle school. Perhaps that was a bad decision. Whether bad or good, it's too late to go back; the old building is gone.

This is tornado alley. Sure, there's advanced warning and shelters, but just how comfortable would you be sending your children to school in what amounts to fancy trailers when it's not a necessity? Perhaps we should just pull these children out of school and send them to work in a 19th Century Welsh coal mine?

Again, we say what is wrong with Britton Watson? Sour grapes that she didn't get her way to sell UNA the property? The same university she's contracted to write PR for? Does anyone trust Britton Watson at this point?

Kudos to Bill Gullett for abstaining from voting on the construction bid due to the company he WORKS FOR doing business with Craig Construction. Did you get that one, Britton? A company you OWN does business with UNA, and you've voted against the citizens and children of Florence in order to appease your client. Why haven't you resigned yet? Waiting for the ethics complaint?

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