Saturday, March 4, 2017

Selective Punishment in Lauderdale County Schools?

We recently published a blog from the mother of a Lauderdale County student. It seems that her child was given 30-days punishment for a serious infraction; however, the student handbook states the punishment shall be 10 days.

Many readers felt it was simply a question of a parent refusing to recognize the severity of her child's crime. We say no matter the action of the child, the salient point of the mother's complaint was the total disregard for the prescribed punishment. If a principal can say he/she will mete out 30 days in some form of detention for an infraction that requires 10 days in alternative school, why can't he/she say to a more popular student that the punishment is only one day? Could this happen?

It certainly happened a few years ago at UNA when athletic director Mark Linder refused to kick his star quarterback off the team for a misdemeanor arrest, but had only the month before dismissed some second string players for the same offense. Anyone see anything wrong with this?

We've also heard that Wilson School in northern Lauderdale County has been guilty of treating male students differently from female students. By all means, let's punish the girls more strictly than the boys. No! Let's try to play by the rules for a change, shall we?

Snow in March? It happens. Here's s photo we saw posted online by W. H. Jangaard:

Pardon us for being prejudiced, but Florence is one of the most beautiful cities we've seen in the States. Have we seen a bushel and a peck? Perhaps not, but you can't deny the beauty in this photo. 

However, a reader has brought up the ugly side of Florence, and we're going to soon address it. Stay tuned...

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