Thursday, March 9, 2017

Phyllis Linton: Liars Figuring

The Florence School Board has again heard from Rogers Kimbrell and Phyllis Linton, two (perhaps the only two) proponents for using Powell School instead of building a new modern facility on the old Coffee property. A reader asked if we were sure Linton meant not just the property, but her recent comments definitely indicate she wants the 1958 era school used instead of building a modern edifice for our youth.

One of Linton's main points has been that there were only two bids submitted for the construction of the new middle school. Linton apparently thinks the public has such a short memory that it won't remember there were originally four bids, but two companies withdrew their bids after Kenneth Kitts threw such a tantrum about the new school's location. If Linton wants to blame someone for only two bids, she should be sitting on Kitts' public paid for doorstep.

Again, where were Linton and Kimbrell when the public meetings were held on this three years ago? They were well publicized. We're not sure of Kimbrell's connection to UNA, but Linton has admitted being a current instructor at the university. 

For any who say let's not build a new school close to Royal Avenue because it has Section 8 housing, we say why a middle school almost at the intersection of Darby Drive and Florence Boulevard. Such a location wasn't a problem in 1958; it definitely would be now. 

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