Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Is McDonald's of Lauderdale County Leaving Florence?

It hasn't been that long ago that McDonald's of Lauderdale County instituted new hours at its six stores. Now Micky D's on the north side of the river closes at midnight four nights a week. Employees were told lack of business was the driving force behind the new hours.

Now we're told that the Lauderdale version of the fast food giant wants to move its company offices from Florence to St. Florian. If there's even a franchise in St. Florian, we're not aware of it. Apparently, St. Florian will have to institute new zoning laws in order to allow the move. Great! Is the rent too d*mn high in Florence?


John Elkington in a Preppie Vandy Jacket

The TD is still calling Inspiration Landing in Sheffield "proposed." John Elkington who's developing the project has promised at least one phase will be completed by the spring of 2018. Whether that means by the third week in March or the third week in June, he doesn't seem to have begun construction on any module to the project. 

A recent TD article also mentioned the term "prospective investors." Can we all say DreamVision? In reality, our prediction is some small development with promises of something bigger and Elkington high-tailing it back to Memphis.

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