Friday, March 24, 2017

Muscle Shoals: Still a Pay-to-Play School or Just a Privileged Class?

From a Parent:

Is there anything more important at Muscle Shoals than football? No, of course not! Are there any sports more important than boys sports at Muscle Shoals? No, of course not! But, that was until the class of 2021 came on the scene last year.

Take a look at last year's 7th grade and this year's 8th grade volleyball, basketball, and softball teams and you will see the SAME team. Wait, did I just say 7th grade softball team? Yes, they received their own softball team for the first time in school history. The school couldn't cut any of their "special" 7th graders because that would leave no room for 8th grade players, on a team that is normally heavier on the upper class. And this year, where is the 7th grade softball team? You guessed it - nonexistent because it was no longer needed, as the school could cut the new 7th graders.

When volleyball started, it was noted through pictures on (the school photographer) that the uniforms the 7th graders were wearing were actually the 8th grade uniforms and the 8th grade was wearing the 7th grade uniform. And when said 7th graders became 8th graders, do you think they would appear in what they wore in 7th grade? No, of course not, not as "the seniors" of the middle school. The now 8th graders received the JV uniform.

When basketball started, the same thing appeared to happen. The 7th graders appeared in the 8th grade uniforms and the 8th grade wore the 7th grade uniforms. What would happen this year as the now 8th graders would take the court? You better believe they received the JV uniform.

When softball started, it was a whole different ball game, with the same players. Thin t-shirts were given to both grades instead of jerseys. Pants were then given out to which fit neither team. The 7th grade was allowed to wear their own black pants and 8th grade was not. What happen this year? Remember, 7th and 8th grade were combined into 1 middle school team. The JV high school team received a thin top with pants and the middle school team received the JV/Varsity uniforms. Yes, uniforms as in 2 different uniforms.

The class of 2019 is full of talented female athletes, but never received the red carpet treatment. So, which parent or parents are paying the school or blackmailing someone at the school to get everything they want? These parents are setting their kids up for failure because the coaches are too scared to say no to any of them. Will the first time they hear "no" be in college? It will be interesting to watch how the class of 2021 takes over female sports next year when they are actually high school students.


Questions of the day:

1. Why did Bill Jordan resign from the Florence School Board?

2. Why didn't Britton Watson resign from the Florence School Board?

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