Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UNA/FCS Battle Over?

Much Ado About Nothing

Finally, UNA and Florence City Schools are in agreement on the new middle school. No green space at the front of the school will be lost, and the avaricious university won't try to take over the Florence property. While there are some very minor Florence losses in the settlement, it was mainly win for the city school system.

So how did UNA fare in the parking department? It will get 75 parking spaces on the south side of the stadium and 21 behind the stadium between it and the middle school. Those 21 will be rented out to boosters.

We're tempted to make jokes about the 21 leased spaces, but there are those just silly enough to pony up the money for something so inane. Everyone should be happy for the extra 75, especially if you've driven by the stadium on one of the rare UNA game days. Even more are needed, and we still favor either UNA or the city purchasing the vacant lot/mini-mart on Royal Avenue across from the stadium.

Now here's another silly bit. UNA is going to build some bleachers on the south side of the stadium. We really have no idea what kind of view they will afford, so we won't comment on that. We will say that unless UNA is playing Alabama A&M or in the playoffs, these bleachers won't ever be used.

Oh, wait, we have an idea. Why not make opposing press use these bleachers...much like Muscle Shoals High School does at their stadium. That will show the true purple and gold colors of the current UNA administration.

The agreement also calls for stadium lease terms to be reduced to ten years. If, by some miracle, UNA should build its own stadium before the end of that period, will it still have to pay its share of concessions revenue, etc., for home games? Or perhaps UNA could pay a lump sum fee to get out of the lease. A deal is a deal, especially after UNA has caused so many problems for the city and its school board.

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