Saturday, March 11, 2017

Britton Watson Watch/How to Get a Parking Lot

Does the unmitigated duplicity of some elected officials constantly amaze you? We hope you answered "what else is new?" Now let's add New York native Britton Watson to the list of self-serving individuals who think ethics is a word describing the eBay category in which you'll find tribal jewelry.

In case your memory needs refreshing, Britton Watson is a newly elected Florence School Board member, and as far as we can tell the only member to suggest the new middle school could possibly find a better home than the old Coffee property. At a recent public meeting, Watson introduced Florence developer Eugene Sak who made an offer for the property. His magnanimous offer was approximately one-fifth of what UNA bid for the Cherry Street lot.

Sak is a one-time business associate of Bryan Robinson of DreamVision notoriety. We previously stated we didn't know of any connection between Sak and Blue Olive, Watson's company. We have since been made aware that the connection is between Sak and Greg Watson Jr, Britton Watson's husband and partner in Blue Olive Advertising. It seems Sak and G. Watson are partners in two companies: Medex Care and American Rx.

Cozy, isn't it? Oh, yes, we're sure there is something more going on there, but much of what has been sent us cannot be proved and could therefore be considered libelous. We'll just say that Mr. and Mrs. Watson, along with Sak, are not avoiding the appearance of evil.


The Greenhill senior center needs a new parking lot and is seeking funding. It's simple, really; tell UNA the center has completed plans for an addition and is ready to roll. The university will then demand to purchase the property for a huge parking lot...which the center can use when UNA isn't. That would be most of the time. Problem solved. 

Sadly, the homeowners around the former Coffee High School property don't want an ocean of asphalt in their neighborhood. In fact, 90% of the residents of Florence prefer to keep the Coffee campus green. We now understand the school board has definitely ruled out the old Powell property, calling it totally unsuitable. 

No matter, Rogers Kimbrell has said; the city has that property off Helton Drive that it recently considered for the new animal shelter. Animal shelter...kid for Kimbrell...

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