Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apartments on Old Coffee Property?

Florence developer Eugene Sak currently owns 19 incorporated businesses in Florence. Several are connected to property/construction endeavors. At the most recent Florence School Board meeting, assisted by board member Britton Watson, Sak offered 6.5 million for the property. Was he just whistling Dixie?

As far as we know, the multi-acreage property isn't zoned for apartments...and most likely wouldn't be...ever. So why does Britton Watson now favor Sak's suit? That we don't know. Watson, presumably a New York native, owns, along with her husband, Blue Olive Advertising. We're not aware of a connection between the agency and any of Sak's companies, but that's not to say there isn't one. We appreciate all comments (just keep them clean).


For those who are concerned or have simply inquired:

1. The Waterloo Road property long rejected by UNA is immediately adjacent to the campus.

2. There are no homes or businesses located there.

3. The property between the campus and Wildwood Park measures one to two miles in length and is of similar width, all undeveloped.

4. Many members of the West Florence community have been begging UNA for years to purchase and develop this tract of land.

5. Florence says it wants to move west; why doesn't UNA?


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