Monday, February 27, 2017

UNA & Discrimination?

We've received the following from a reader. While Pen-N-Sword has done numerous articles on the discrimination suits filed against the university, we feel this is worth publishing (pardon if we step on PNS' toes.):

The Times Daily can write articles about UNA winning diversity awards but conveniently Jennifer Edwards chooses to ignore discrimination information that was written by a student in UNA's student newspaper the FlorAla. I know for a fact Times Daily reporters are very aware of these lawsuits. Check it out for yourself. It is time that the "real" UNA is exposed.

The Northern District of Alabama U.S. District court issued a court summons July 22ndfor the University of North Alabama involving alleged employee discrimination.

Plaintiff Audrey Mitchell, Director of Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management initiated the summons and has filed as a Pro Se. In the case, Mitchell's claims include race-based employment discrimination and harassment as well as violation of due process, abuse of power, mental anguish, slander, and retaliation. Mitchell began reporting claims of harassment and discrimination in 2010. Mitchell has since reported various incidents to several University reporting agents including the Ombudsman, three different Presidents, Vice President and the head of Human Resources. This is a real modern day David and Goliath!

On September 8th, Mitchell updated the lawsuit stating that Catherine White, Assistant VP of Human Resources sent her an email stating she was to attend a meeting where three of the attendees are named in her lawsuit including Catherine White. The other two are Kevin Jacques, Director of University Residences and David Shields, VP of Student Affairs. Mitchell stated she was not comfortable attending the meeting blindly given the circumstances but she was told she would not know the agenda of the meeting and her attendance was not optional.

During the meeting, Audrey was informed the University hired a mediator Mike Quinn because "It is no secret that there is an ongoing conflict between Kevin Jacques, Director of University Residences and Audrey Mitchell. This conflict has caused the university and students to suffer and they deserve better. White went on to say "if Jacques and Mitchell could not find a way to collaborate and work together the university would have to move on without them". The concern that led to hiring a mediator was it was reported by Jacques that Mitchell did not work with him on Move In Day and would not work with him to solve an issue concerning removing a hold on a student. However, Mitchell was not asked about any of these claims by Jacques nor was an investigation done to see if these allegations were valid. Mitchell was not informed of these allegations until Mike Quinn, the mediator, told her during their meeting. Mitchell explained both charges and showed that these allegations were false. However, she asked why nothing is done when she files complaints and actually provides years’ worth of irrefutable evidence. Mike Quinn is also a retire attorney who specialized in prosecuting employment discrimination cases.

University submitted a motion on Sept. 22nd to strike this additional complaint as well as the initial complaint. The Judge immediately denied the motion Sept. 23rd.

On October 21, 2016, Mitchell received a memo from Catherine White stating that based on Mr. Mike Quinn’s recommendation the University has decided to proceed with re-organizing the reporting structure of Mitchell and Jacques departments so that we report to a common position. The memo went on to say that “although you will directly report to this position, you will continue to indirectly report to your respective Vice Presidents. Mitchell was moved in January 2015 from Mr. David Shields’ supervision due to complaints filed and the University receiving a charge notification from the EEOC.

However, on January 19, 2017, Mitchell was summoned to another meeting where Catherine White announced that she would be moved back under Shields’ supervision and forced to work with Kevin Jacques effective February 1, 2017.

The University has since motioned the Court to dismiss Mitchell's Complaint claiming immunity due to the Eleventh Amendment. Mitchell has submitted a response to motion on January 31, 2017 including over 30 exhibits which include several audio recordings of key Administration supporting her claims. The Court is still reviewing the motions.

Since 2013, there have been three other employment discrimination lawsuits filed against the University of North Alabama. Kathy Adler filed a lawsuit December 9, 2013, Fei Xu filed a lawsuit December 5, 2014 and Isaac Jones Jr. filed a lawsuit September 29, 2015. Each of these lawsuits were filed in the Northern District of Alabama U.S. District Court.


We're happy to make a correction to our previously published information concerning J.J. Common; he and his current squeeze do not have child together. The young lady in question is expecting their first child at this time. Common remains incarcerated in the Franklin County Jail on charges including attempted murder.

Apparently the young lady didn't appreciate our comments that she should take this respite from J.J. and use it to strive for a better life. To each her own. We will ask her how many children J.J. has already...and how many of their mothers he remains in contact with.

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