Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bullying or Assault?/Housekeeping

Bullying or Assault in Sheffield?
By: The Midnight Rider

From WHNT 19 News:
COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – A Sheffield elementary school mother is upset about injuries her daughter received recently. She claims her fourth grader is the victim of bullying.
The pictures you’ll see in this story are quite graphic. They flooded social media over the weekend. WHNT News 19 met with the girl’s mother on Monday. Kelly Turpin said this is an ongoing problem.
Turpin's children
Turpin’s daughter has a concussion, two black eyes and bruised face.
“When I came in she was very upset and covered in blood,” said Turpin. “The first thing I did was scoop her up and find out what was going on.”
Turpin says she was called to her daughter’s school on Friday morning. As her daughter was leaving art class at L.E. Willson Elementary in Sheffield, Turpin says she had an incident with another student.
At first, Turpin says the school told her it was an accident.
“My child started talking right then and said, ‘No Momma, I told them she grabbed me and pulled me and jumped on top of me,'” said Turpin.
Turpin claims the other student has been bullying her daughter for a while. We understand the Turpins have also spoken with an attorney.
WHNT News 19 spoke with Keith Lankford, Superintendent of Sheffield City Schools by phone.  He says they were not made aware there was a bullying situation going on until afterwards. He added they are diligently investigating the incident and will enforce the school code of conduct if necessary.
First of all, let me put this as politically correct I can, “This is Horse Shit!” This is not bullying but an assault. This little girl got beat. With the Sheffield City School Systems not doing anything, they are at fault. I have spoken to several parents whose kids go to Sheffield Schools who say that this is not uncommon. Bullying is rampant in the School System.
Of course they have a School Resource Officer. Oh, wait a minute, they got rid of the School Resource Officer who had been there for years and have a new one. But there is the problem of one School Resource Officer for three schools, so that is not working. I have news for you, if that had been my child, I would have been waiting for the aggressor’s parents so we could have a “conversation.”
Kids at this age need to be learning not worrying about getting jumped at school. Does bullying exists? Yes it does. Is Sheffield Schools doing something about it? It doesn’t appear that they are. Thumbs down to Sheffield School System.
Is the Midnight Rider mad about this? You’re damn right I am.
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


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  1. I agree that this is more than bullying. It is an assault. Someone needs charges filed against them.

  2. This is an assault. Charges need to be filed. The school system has GOT to be more diligent.

  3. SCS is too afraid of the inevitable 'racist' tag to say/do anything about this assault. They will never call it for what it was.