Monday, February 20, 2017

Can State Take Over UNA's Board of Trustees?

Libby Jordan

Mr. Sam Pendleton, longtime former Florence City Council member and civic leader, has suggested Gov. Robert Bentley take over the UNA board. Can it?

The state has previsously taken over various school systems. It's entirely possible that Gov. Bentley could at least sack the current board (with exception of Libby Jordan we would hope) and start anew. It' something to think about.


No, UNA doesn't have to answer to us...or to you. Yet your tax dollars support that institution. It hasn't been that long ago that the City of Florence (read taxpayers) gave...yes, gave...UNA three million dollars for its science building. Now UNA wishes to steal the middle school property from the city and the school. Some thanks, huh? Let's hope our council remembers this.


Now a big salute to Mr. Sam Pendleton. He's taking care of the city's interests and promoting West Florence. He's a jewel and he's missed on the council.

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