Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Slush Fund?/Missing from Sheffield?

IF the Times Daily wanted to do a REAL article, they will get the records on what Ronnie May and Ronnie Willis took home with them from their slush funds.

What is the amount in Rick Singleton's and Frank Williamson's slush funds? WHY is it considered "The Sheriff's Slush Fund" when it is generated inside the taxpayer's facilities and by people working on the taxpayer's payrolls?

Mr. Williamson and Mr. Singleton, don't ask for us taxpayer's to keep giving up our hard earned money while you sit on a slush fund that YOU control and will get to take home with you when you're voted out.


We the PEOPLE are TIRED of being TAXED TO DEATH.

Stay tuned for more about our "servants" wanting more money!

Leslie M. Shoals


BOLO for Missing Speed Bump

After a really looooong wait, the Sheffield Street Dept. finally managed to have a much-awaited, and VERY needed, speed bump installed at the crosswalk in front of Sheffield High School earlier this school year.  However, it apparently wasn't 'meant to be', as the speed bump has apparently been REMOVED (stolen, perhaps???). Have no fear, though: the sign warning of a 'speed bump' remains to protect students crossing the street at that location.

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