Sunday, February 19, 2017

Coffee Property Not Zoned for Apartments/Rayo Mart Wine?

We sincerely doubt the not quite six million offer for the old Coffee property from Florence developer Eugene Sak was supposed to be taken seriously. UNA's offer was approximately six times Sak's and didn't include the new gym. Yet we've been told the property is not zoned for apartments and isn't likely to be. What were his intentions? What were Britton Watson's intentions, albeit choosing to help figureatively steal from the school board on which she serves?


The tres elegant Rayo Mart in Colbert County wants to sell beer and wine. The Second Street store is challenging the county commission's vote not to give the eastern Colbert store a license to sell such products. 

Just think of the possibilities. We're sincerely hoping one of the local breweries Rob Carnegie touts will begin producing "Old Muskrat" just for Colbert County. If not beer, then wine. Wouldn't that make for a romantic evening?


To return to the ever-popular UNA issue, can the governor take over UNA's board? Stay tuned...

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