Friday, February 17, 2017

Dr. Kenneth Kitts Proves He's a Real Bastard

Heil Kittsy!

Dr. Kenneth Kitts has shown his true colors--pardon the hackneyed analogy, but our degree is from UNA,obviously an inferior institution. Let's throw in snake in the grass while we're at it. While professing he's open to dialog with the city and the school board, he's gone behind everyone's back to attempt to gain an eminent domain status of the school/city's property.

How does that work, Kittsy? How do you convince citizens the university, such as it is, is more important than the city and its school system. Wait, don't bother to answer; we already know you couldn't tell the truth if Leo and Una's lives depended on it. A tree fell on your home the other night? Ever think God was trying to tell you something?

And Marty Abroms?!!! We're sickened by your part in this. We thought you were a better person than this. Libby Jordan has been the only one to come out of this thinking and acting like an intelligent adult.

Rest assured, Kittsy, you've made enemies in Florence. When you place your pointed little head on your pillow tonight, think about that.


While we're on a roll, what's the status of Inspiration Landing in Sheffield? No construction started yet...on anything? Remember, that snake oil Vandy second stringer has promised something finished by the third week in June 2018. The clock is ticking.

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