Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why is Rogers Kimbrell Lying?

Rogers Kimbrell of Florence has now become a well know shill for the University of North Alabama. Most recently he's been touting the "advantages" of the University of North Alabama taking over property belonging to Florence City Schools.

Obviously, many of the "facts" being bandied about by individuals are nothing but opinion. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion on any subject, and we support them in their right to espouse it. What we do not support is a person offering lies as facts.

A recent letter to the TimesDaily from Kimbrell enumerated several "facts" on the contentious issue. We're going to address only one of them -- the one that we know is an outright lie. Kimbrell wrote:

The high school band director was told by the school board they were going to build a new bandroom. It hasn’t been built. Instead, they built a 273-space parking lot behind the high school that only 24 to 36 students use daily.

We have no information concerning the band room, but we certainly do relative to the parking lot. We invite any of our readers to drive by the campus during school hours. Look at nearby businesses; how many have been forced to restrict student parking in front of their establishments? Several business owners purchased their own yellow paint to mark curbing so that students wouldn't obstruct access to their storefronts before the parking lot was built.

So why is Rogers Kimbrell lying about this? We don't know. Again, his veracity in this is easy to check out. Are some of his other "facts" just as dubious?

Want more information? New Florence High Parking Lot

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