Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nathan Bougher: Guilty or Not?

From the office of Billy Underwood:

"After this hearing, I am more assured than ever that Nathan Bougher did not harm his infant son. Statistics show there is abuse by the partners in a family setting that lends itself to child abuse. As we see from the evidence, there was never any abuse by Nathan upon his wife. He is an extremely docile young man who has never been charged with a crime in his life with the exception of these current charges.

I have no doubt that my medical experts will show the baby had either infantile rickets, osteogenesis imperfecta, or idiopathic bone disease.

There isn’t a mother or father alive, if they took care of their child properly, who hasn’t applied diaper rash ointment or other creams to their children’s bottom by hand. The State of Alabama is reaching in their charge that Nathan’s application of a medicine was grounds for them to charge him criminally.

Last but not least, I have a medical expert who will explain the tear to the frenulum of the baby’s tongue. There is absolutely no way a frenulum can be torn the way the State is alleging (State alleges Nathan force fed the child and that tore the baby's frenulum). It is extremely important to note that the infant child's mother testified today that she too force fed the baby. The baby had to have surgery on his tongue to repair the torn frenulum. This was simply two young parents, with a baby who would not eat, trying to do the best they could in regards to making sure he received the nourishment he needs. Neither parent is guilty of child abuse.

I believe after a jury hears expert medical testimony for Nathan it will find him not guilty."


Someone should tell Robert Palmer at the TD the difference between premier and premiere.

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  1. Sure parents have applied Cream on a baby's bottom for a rash, but not to the extent of inserting it in the rectum. And Mr Underwood, he admitted that the baby began urinating on him and he grabbed him up by his legs- which injured his legs. I'm afraid you will be disappointed when the jury finds your client GUILTY. ��