Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Midnight Rider on Katie Logan

Katie Logan makes a good First impression
By:  The Midnight Rider
  I would like to start out this article by saying; we have never met Katie Logan.  We know who she is via Facebook and her Husband, Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan.  With that being said, we did support her here on this website during Election Time.  It appears that our support was well founded.  
From the Times Daily Newspaper:
TUSCUMBIA -- City Councilwoman Katie Logan used Monday's council meeting as an opportunity to issue a 30-day challenge that she hopes will launch a permanent movement.
The District 1 councilwoman announced the Tuscumbia 30 challenge, which asks residents to spend their tax dollars exclusively in Tuscumbia businesses for 30 days, beginning March 1.
"This is a push to challenge your neighbors, challenge your community, to spend in Tuscumbia," Logan said. "It's a low-cost way to get our citizens to invest in Tuscumbia."
She said shopping only in Tuscumbia is a realistic goal, and backed that comment by listing numerous examples of merchandise, ranging from grocery to retail to vehicles, that are available from businesses in the city.
"You'll find we have everything you need," Logan said.
She said the Tuscumbia 30 effort will have a strong social media presence throughout March to push word of mouth. Fliers also will be abundant throughout town.
Tuscumbia 30 also will sponsor businesses by posting information about them on social media throughout the month, Logan said.
"It may be a business you didn't know about," she said. "This campaign will involve a big social media push."
The project has a long-term goal of bringing residents into the habit of continuing to looking within the city first for purchases after the 30-day period, Logan said.
The idea brought accolades from the crowd at the meeting, as well as from Logan's fellow council members.
"One thing I like about it, from a business owner's perspective, is this is no cost to the business at all," Councilman William Foster said.
Mayor Kerry Underwood encouraged residents and merchants to keep the effort alive over social media so it stays on the public's minds. He said the council supports its retail base throughout the city and Logan's idea is evidence of that.
"We believe Tuscumbia 30 is a good start," Underwood said. "I'm happy she thought about it and we need to keep it going."
  Mrs. Logan has come up with a simple plan to help bring tax dollars into the City of Tuscumbia.  It is a simplistic approach to an old problem.  Will it work?  Who knows?  However, this young lady has had the “intestinal fortitude” to stand up and issue this Challenge.  She has only been in Office for a short period of time and she has already made the newspaper with a news worthy item.
  Tuscumbia is a small town and it needs all the tax dollars in can generate.  Having a Challenge to spend your tax dollars there during a 30 day period is a good way for the City to determine how much actual money can and could be brought into the City.  I have heard several people say that “all of downtown Tuscumbia is nothing but Antiques and Clothing Stores.”  That may be.  However, it is going to take things such as this 30 Day Challenge for Business Owners to realize the value of being in Tuscumbia.  

  Many of the local Cities don’t realize the potential of people that live there, if these people spent their money in another town.  People who go to other Cities to have dinner for example, that is tax money leaving the original city.  While we don’t live in the City Limits but in the County, we usually have to go to the different Cities to get items.  
   We would like to say that we are impressed with Katie Logan so far in her Term as Council Lady for the City of Tuscumbia.  Keep up the good work.  
P.S.  We heard that there is a business in Sheffield that will be relocating to Tuscumbia.   That will be a big loss for Sheffield and a Feather in the Cap of Tuscumbia.  More on that as it becomes available.

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.

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