Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sheffield Law Suits/John Elkington

Sheffield is a small town; it doesn’t need (as in can’t afford) any lawsuits. Since the Sheffield School Board is, while mainly autonomous, still a part of Sheffield city government, any suit against the board is in reality a suit against the town. Let’s look at some current law suits, or at least suits that are recent.

1. Wrongful termination by street department employee

2. Civil rights violation suit by former city council candidate

3. Possible suit by parents of young student having sex with high school teacher

4. Attorney Jon McGee hired in assault case involving L.E. Willson Middle School student

Are there more? We haven’t done an official check, but it’s certainly possible. Anyone else want to know if Sheffield will have to hire an additional attorney to handle all these complaints? After all, a city attorney’s job is usually pretty mundane if the town’s government doesn’t consider it a law unto itself. Spending eight hours a day, five days a week taking care of Sheffield business probably wasn’t what Steve Worsham signed on for.



While we’re visiting Sheffield, how’s Inspiration Landing coming along? We noticed recently that the TD’s Russ Corey listed one of developer John Elkington’s qualifications as being a former Vanderbilt football player. We’re pretty much at a loss for words…


Ah, how many knew that Dub’s Burgers was one of the foremost places to eat in Florence? What? You mean just because it’s technically in Athens, it can’t be listed as a draw for Florence tourism?

We were greatly amused by a Tweet from Bryan@WBLN that stated:

Another good Florence place to eat is Dub's Burgers in Athens. #CannotReadAMap

What prompted this humor? Earlier today Rob Canegie at Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Tweeted about Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals. The link to the tourism Instagram account did mention touring the W.C. Handy home, but where should you eat in between? If you think Odette or a similar Florence eatery, you’re not thinking like Robbie Baby. He suggested the 2nd and 13 Bar & Grill in Sheffield. Yes, he really did.

And one of BryanWBLN’s hash tags for his Tweet? #CannotReadAMap. Snicker. Can’t anyone stop Robbie before he starts promoting Frog Pond in Franklin County or Hamilton…in Ontario?

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