Friday, February 10, 2017

J.J. - Sociopath to the End

Alabama’s criminal justice system—it should mean more than simply having law breaking judges on the bench. Sadly, in many cases the system is broken. Case in point: J.J. Common.

In Need of Legal...and Sartorial...Help

We’re pretty sure many in the Shoals were like us earlier today when we saw J.J.’s photo online. We shouted “J.J.!” out loud and began to laugh. Sure, it’s funny…but then again, it isn’t.

J.J. is a violent man. Yet, we’ve heard he’s charming and all that. Good for him. Not too many with bullet holes in their vehicles can be called charming. Not many men who rape young girls and beat up girlfriends can be called charming.

We’re going to ask again: Why wasn’t J.J. in prison? We’re going to ask if his current charges for attempted murder and trafficking in three different drugs will put him away as a habitual offender this time?

We’re sorry for his mother and his aunt, but they assisted in making him what he is…a sociopath who knows his family will help him beat the system. Let’s hope the system wins this time.



The superintendent of Sheffield schools says a recent bullying incident was heart-rattling. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be purse-rattling as well.


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