Friday, February 8, 2013

So Long, J.J. (For a While, Anyway)

When last we left John James Common, aka J.J., he was being held in Franklin County on two distribution charges. After refusing a plea bargain of 25 years, J.J. recently had his day in court, but not without some drama before getting there.

According to our source in the Russellville Police Department, the evidence in one distribution charge was ostensibly lost. Nothing surprising there. While awaiting trial on the remaining distribution arrest, J.J. was transferred to Colbert County where he set fire to his cell after learning his main squeeze had been arrested.

It seems that to pass the time, J.J. had developed a lucrative business selling drugs and shoes to other inmates. (Yes, shoes...we don't make this stuff up.) While trying to smuggle still more drugs during visiting hours, J.J.'s girl, already on probation, was caught with enough merchandise to merit her own distribution charge. Colbert County promptly shipped J.J. back to Franklin County--big surprise there, while the misguided young woman was transported to Athens.

Now J.J. has agreed to a plea deal involving a 20 year split sentence. Unless called back by Judge Terry Dempsey, and we sincerely doubt that will happen, J.J. will serve a full three years and one day, less time served. Then our man J.J. will face five years of probation.

What will happen if J.J. should slip up during the five year span? It would mean Franklin County's favorite son would serve the remainder of the 20 year sentence, unless paroled, which would seem very unlikely.

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