Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Who's On First?" One More Time

Does it really matter who's on first? Sometimes if you want to make sense of a situation, yes, it does. Everyone has weighed in on the arrest of the four Alabama football players, so we'll start with them. Did you read the copies of the arrest reports published in the TimesDaily?

It seems, at least according to the police reports, out of two separate robberies and two individuals using a stolen debit card to make purchases from vending machines, only two of the crimes involved possession of a weapon. Which two?

If we're to believe the police reports, only Eddie Williams and Brent Calloway used a weapon--both to obtain snacks from vending machines. Boy, we bet those machines were scared witless. How was a weapon used in these crimes? You'll have to ask those who filled out the reports; neither one explained in the space provided. Will this affect the arrests and/or possible court cases of the four? We have no idea how often mistakes like this are made or how they're handled.

It's simply sad that four men with promising futures (read: they could have made more in one season of pro football than many make in a lifetime) throw everything away.

From a football forum: Looks like UNA just got themselves a couple of new five-star athletes...


From official documents, let's jump to protocol. Where does the second in command/prominence go in a photograph? The last time we checked it was to the right of the highest in command. Apparently photographic protocol doesn't concern the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. Or does Sheriff Ronnie Willis simply like department investigator Travis Clemmons more than his chief deputy?

Yesterday, we inadvertently published a photo of Detective Clemmons in an article on Chief Deputy Jr. Witt. Apologies to Mr. Clemmons. The real Deputy Witt is pictured here.



  1. None of those players will be at UNA. Coach Wallace has more class than the last coach.