Friday, February 1, 2013

Lauderdale Ambulance Bids/Misspoke?

The County and City ambulance bids were opened on January 29, 2013. The present ambulance provider kept the prices the same. The other company bid averaged around $200 dollars more per transport. The county averages 12,000  transports per year. If the high bidder is chosen it will cost the citizens 2.4 million dollars more in out of pocket expense or through higher premiums on their insurance. $200 x 12,000= 2.4 million.

The present company had 1 complaint in 40,000 runs, according to the EMA director for Lauderdale County. Looks like a great record of service for the county. No complaints from Medicare on their service nor billing.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion the county commissioners would welcome your input. The Commissioners also have a work session on Tuesday the 5th at 2:00 pm to discuss the bids. The public is invited. If you have the time please attend.

Thanks to Hank Thomas for this report.


Misspoke? How do you misspeak? This is misspeaking:

I'm 21 years old. Oh, sorry. I turned 22 last week.

I worked for Acme Widgets for seven years. Oh, sorry, I think it was really six.

My parents were married 50 years. Well, actually it was only 49.

Now that's misspeaking. It's an honest mistake because your mind isn't totally focused on a question, etc.

Misspeaking isn't calling someone a "queer." That was intentional on the part of the Lauderdale County High School football coach. Bob Grisham also wasn't misspeaking when he used the word "pissed." Do we really want role models using this kind of language with our sons and daughters.

No matter the punishment Coach Grisham receives, we sincerely hope he's held accountable in future for any off color or offensive language he uses in the presence of his students.


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