Monday, February 25, 2013

Why a Bond for Angel Campos?

Two from Russellville:

Angel Campos, immigration status unknown, had been convicted twice of Domestic Violence against his wife, the mother of three of his children. Last week, Campos beat Lesley Hope Plott again, then stabbed her repeatedly, finally leaving her lifeless body at the entrance to a drainage ditch.

Now Campos has been charged with Capital Murder, but could conceivably win at least short freedom if he can come up with 500K bail. Realistically, if Campos should find anyone insane enough to provide bail, he would be on the road to the border before you could say "Hasta La Vista."

So, why was bail even established? Since no bail was allowed in the Christy Scott murder case in Franklin County, we may assume the court felt there was absolutely no chance of Campos dredging up the funds. Please don't say, "Oh, but he would wear an ankle monitor." Ankle monitors are appropriate for keeping some "criminals" at home, but never deter anyone who has nothing to lose.

That brings us to sentencing, should Campos be convicted. We rarely favor the death penalty. Yet in the case of such immigrants as Campos, his life behind bars would still be superior to what he lived in his native country.

We know Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing favors the death penalty in most cases. Let's hope he can pull it off with this miserable excuse for a homo sapien.


We're aware Russellville might not be a single woman's dream, but surely a 29 year-old Haleyville High graduate isn't forced to date 15 year-old boys. According to authorities, Natasha Jean Bridges did just that. Not only is Bridges being charged with Second Degree Rape, she's also facing the relatively new charge of Electronic Solicitation.

What should she expect if convicted? Dana Myhan Allen received a sentence of three years in Lauderdale County on a charge of Second Degree Rape. We'll speculate any conviction on the Solicitation charge will run concurrently with the rape conviction.

Note to parents: Tell your teenage sons that older women don't have their best interests at heart.


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