Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bail Fails/More Most Wanted

We've previously discussed the wide disparity in charges involving murder in Alabama: Capital Punishment Charges Not Administered Fairly. Now we're adding the bail/no bail conundrum to our list of "things that make no sense."

Yesterday we blogged on murder suspect Angel Campos, charged with Capital Murder, receiving a bond amount of 500K. Campos is a man with a lengthy record of domestic violence. He's accused of beating and stabbing his estranged wife to death--quite a vicious and personal crime.

Today we've read that a Limestone County judge has refused Joel Moyers bail. Moyers has no record, shot a man he had never met and held no animosity toward, and claims he was simply attempting to stop a suspicious vehicle.

If you, gentle readers, heard of these two cases, which one would you select to have bail? Campos or Moyers? It's not really difficult, except apparently in Alabama.


We've recently added a link at the top of our blog to the Most Wanted section of Pen-N-Sword. The Quad-Cities Daily also has a new Most Wanted section. Be sure to check out both of these; you might earn some reward money...and who wouldn't want that?


So how much did the plans for the Railroad Bridge fetch? Four bidders participated, and the winning bid was $107.50. Now that's some dedication to history...or bridges.


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