Thursday, February 21, 2013

Huntsville Hospital: Public or Private?

Have you ever visited Huntsville Hospital? Yes? Then you know approximately how large the campus is. No? Then you should...if only to ride the tram; it's fun and it's free. Not much else is free at Huntsville Hospital. It's a real money-maker, but isn't it a public hospital? That depends on which way the wind blows.

Left in Alabama may not always be objective, but at times the liberal blog can really nail it. Here's one that packs quite a punch:

Here is what we all should take away from reading this because it affects everyone who is a patient at a Huntsville Hospital controlled facility.

"In short, Huntsville Hospital is able to function as a private entity when it comes to business competition or public scrutiny. But Huntsville Hospital functions as a public entity when not paying property taxes and when limiting liability to $100,000."

In other words, Huntsville Hospital's limit of liability for any malpractice suit is $100,000 regardless of the situation or outcome. So, finding an attorney to take a major case would be difficult since it would require expert witnesses and many hours to prosecute.


The trial for Kimberly Bynum-George has been rescheduled for April 1st in Franklin County. Appropriate date? It's certainly possible. If the trial had been scheduled one month later, it would be held on the two year anniversary of her arrest.

We're somewhat surprised that Judge Terry Dempsey has allowed the defense so many delays. Their purpose? Perhaps since the one-time Vina math teacher has married her victim she's hoping to become pregnant before her day in court. Will that alter the sentence if she should be found guilty? We would hope not.



  1. The campus is that large because they do function as a public hospital. Since that means they are "non-profit" all earnings go back into services, equipment, renovations, etc. rather than to shareholders.

  2. Huntsville Hospital. It's a real money-maker, Autoclave but isn't it a public hospital? That depends on which way the wind blows.