Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Did MedCall Close?/New Info on Franklin "Rape"

We recently reported that Med-Call Ambulance in Muscle Shoals had closed. Med-Call was a division of First Response in Decatur. It seems First Response has also closed, at least partially. The Decatur service was one of two in that city authorized to respond to 911 calls.

From a WHNT report:

Late Monday, Morgan County Circuit Court Judge Sherrie Paler ruled in response to a petition filed this summer by Decatur Emergency Medical Services, Inc., or DEMSI, who has operated an ambulance service in Decatur for approximately 17 years. The petition challenged the city license granted to Healthcare Investment Group, Inc., to operate First Response Ambulance Service in Decatur. Paler ruled the city had not followed its own regulations in accepting HGI’s application and therefore ruled their license invalid. 

We may assume the Decatur operations were at least partially subsidizing Med-Call in Muscle Shoals. As reported earlier, a new service is on its way to the Shoals...


We recently blogged on Natasha Jean Bridges, accused in Franklin County of Second Degree Rape and Electronic Solicitation, both charges involving a 15 year-old boy. New information has come to light. We are reporting it in fairness to Ms. Bridges; it will be interesting to see if charges are eventually dropped or how this may play out at trial.

It seems that approximately six weeks ago, Ms. Bridges allowed this young man and his mother to temporarily move into her apartment after they became homeless.The boy reportedly downloaded Facebook pics of Bridges onto his cell phone. Now the family is living in Ms. Brooks home while she is in jail on Second Degree Rape charges.

Which side of this convoluted tale is true? We don't know. It's obvious that no matter which side is the victim, the other side acted in a reprehensible manner. We look forward to hearing more on this.



  1. The FBI has an ongoing investigation of Medcall and after the FBI showed up interviewing Nursing Home staff and residents, the Nursing homes ( Keller Lnading, Cottage of the Shoals and Cypress Cove (all owned by Sunbridge) have distanced themselves from Medcall.

    After Medcall found out about the investigation, it started setting up a seperate company (corporation) to continue the fraud against Medicare when Medicare terminates their provider status under that name. First Reponse is the same owners, employees and ambulances from Medcall. The FBI and Medicare knows the game they are running.

    There will be headlines in the future when indictments come down!

    1. A person with Med-Call contacted us to correct some errors in this blog--at least he said he did. He actually contacted someone who has nothing to do with this blog. Then he began spouting names of individuals who also have nothing to do with this blog.

      I told him I would be happy to correct any misinformation--just send us the corrections. So far, I've not heard from him.

      Yesterday's comments on "contacting us" were directed specifically at him. He couldn't see out contact info, in two places, on the side bar, but he runs an ambulance company? Doesn't wash does it. We called "game playing" and "sexism" and he bailed.