Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Readers Speak...

On RegionalCare CON hearing:

* Of interest to those who are following the CON, I would refer you to a recent news article where HH is challenging the practice of Crestwood Hospital, their closest competition, of doing invasive cardioangiography without the presence of an open heart surgery program. Ironically, this is going on at HKH, which is supported by HH, and one of their arguments has been that it is perfectly safe. Testimony by the cardiac surgeon during the CON said that it is legal but probably not ethical to do so given the fact that there might be need for open intervention if difficulties occur. It is ironic that HH will support one of their own in this endeavor but feels like it is wrong for their competition to provide the same service. Anyone with doubts about what is going on in this entire matter is being blinded to the truth.

* Huntsville Hospital is trying to get a monopoly on the health care. Lauderdale County needs their own hospital and I hope everyone supports Regional Care. Our daughter was recently admitted to ECM and then transferred to Children's Hospital. We got excellent care while we were there. I don't want to go to Colbert County for hospital stays. We get the new hospital and we will get new doctors coming in.

* My husband's cousin (in his late 50's) recently had quadruple by-pass surgery at ECM. His surgeon was a doctor who is new to the area who had been practicing--successfully--at UAB. He decided he liked this area to raise his children instead of Birmingham. My husband's cousin received excellent care. He is now home, and on his way to recovery. Lauderdale needs a new hospital, we need more primary care physicians to replace the ones who are retiring at a disturbing rate! As the voice said in Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come."

On attorneys in the news:

* People wonder why attorneys have a bad name. (Name Censored) is a prime example. I guess the Shoals area has a short memory.

Editor's note: We chose not to identify the subject attorney, in keeping with our policies, since any alleged crimes have been dealt with. Just consider us the blind man on the corner. Anyone having issues with local attorneys should contact their county bar association.

On rogue blogs:

* They'll do anything to try and promote their agenda of gossip and trashing people they don't even know. I feel sorry for people like that. They have no life of their own, so they have to (be) all up in everybody's business 24/7. 

* They need to grow up and move on. No one cares what they have to say. Well...occasionally it is fun to read and laugh at their level of crazy, but only occasionally. Most of the time it is beyond rational thought and can't really be deciphered with logic or reason. That's not funny...that's just sad.

* I see they copy your or O.B.'s blog word for word then add a short comment. Can't you sue them for that?

Editor's note: While it is a copyright violation, speaking only for us without consulting O.B., they just aren't worth it.



  1. I've had a rogue blog or two
    or three
    Can't say I didn't enjoy making fun
    of the other rogues.
    Almost wish I didn't delete them.

    "Rogue" is a little too romantic
    a term for them, I think.

  2. Rogue blogs? What rogue blogs?

    1. They do tend to slip the mind, don't they?

  3. I think Sholanda has the objectors to the CON for a new hospital tagged right. Every objection I have read about looks like a joke to me, but you know how Alabama politics work. It makes me wonder who is on the board to make the final decision? Is that public information as to who makes the decision?

  4. Replies
    1. No, your blog falls primarily under the category of interesting and delightful--why we have it linked!

      FTR, we know of only three rogue blogs at present--three too many.

    2. Thanks, so much for linking me. I really feel honored that you have me linked. Blog On!!

  5. thanks for linking my blog.

    I've had to stop reading the stories in the paper about the CON hearings. My BP was getting elevated.

  6. Hi Sholanda!

    I kept seeing traffic on our LIA server logs from your blog & visited to see what the excitement was about.

    In Madison County, Huntsville Hospital is a juggernaut and huge land & business owner. They do everything possible to quash any hint of competition.

    Now, I haven't heard about HH dabbling in hospital politics in the Shoals area. Do you have some links about that or previous blog posts I could refer to? It's good to get the info from a local person because they can provide context that gets lost in basic news articles.

    I'd like to research it and highlight it at LIA.

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  8. Sorry for the double post last week! Not sure why that happened.