Friday, February 22, 2013

An End to Navistar Complaints?

A source at Navistar Barton has indicated air quality and other working conditions have caused over 20 employees to leave the would-be truck manufacturing facility. Unionization has also been widely discussed--something we're surprised hasn't already taken place.

Perhaps the new tenant FreightCar America will do much to correct some of these problems. The company's press release states it will occupy approximately 25% of the mile-long plant. It might be fortuitous to Navistar if FreightCar expands to fill the entire manufacturing facility. Financial pundits have not exactly predicted a banner year for Navistar.


A source reports that Corey Leighann Thornton has contacted friends to relate she is safe; however, it appears the Franklin County woman has now made the area's most wanted list.


Part of the Railroad Bridge may be history, but you can still own a copy of the original plans for the historic drawbridge: Link


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