Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Now For Shannon Johnson?

Shannon Johnson

Shannon Ray Johnson, 42, is currently incarcerated on drug charges. After refusing to testify against his brother Alfred Shawn Johnson, 43, he's lost his chance at a plea bargain that would have allowed him to plead to manslaughter in the 2000 death of Keith Barnett. What now?

Since Shawn has now been convicted of Felony Murder, Shannon's attorney Jeff Austin may attempt to place total blame on the older brother, creating a more than slight chance Shannon Ray Johnson could request a jury trial and walk free--at least of any Felony Murder or Manslaughter charges.

Let's hope Shannon Ray Johnson receives the same penalty as his brother.


Thanks to a lack of documentation and what we hear was some fancy footwork by attorney James Irby, Sheffield's Greg Ray has now been reinstated as police chief. The Quad-Cities Daily has an exclusive interview with the chief:


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