Saturday, February 2, 2013

Child Molester Update

Sources in Muscle Shoals say the alleged 28 year-old abuser of a five year-old girl has admitted his guilt to detectives. Actual charges won't be filed until after the child is examined by medical professionals to determine the extent of abuse.

We should have more next week. At that time, we'll be focusing on how readers can contact DHR to be sure the child is removed from the home of the negligent grandmother.

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Yesterday we commented on Lauderdale County High School coach Bob Grisham. If so inclined, you may sign the petition seeking his termination here:

If you feel Bob Grisham deserves another chance, you may sign this petition:



  1. Waiting for the contact info. I hope a number of people will call them. I have tried three times in the past and nothing was done.

  2. I hope the readers will bombard DHR with requests to remove this child from her grandmother's care. I have contacted them three times in the past and they promised to look into the matter. The grandmother is physically unable to care for the child. Surely a suitable foster home is available somewhere in Alabama.