Friday, January 25, 2013

Why Was This Child Sexually Abused?

She's five years old and lives with a neglectful grandmother. For all practical purposes, her father is gone from her life forever, and any thinking, caring adult hopes her mother is also. She didn't ask to be brought into this world or to be handed from one purported caregiver to another. Many have reported her situation to Colbert County DHR, but nothing has been done to provide the child a safe home until now--now that she's been sexually abused.

We're using the term "sexual abuse" since we're not sure if "sexual torture" is more appropriate or not. The grandmother isn't sure either. Nor is she sure how long this forced mutual touching by a man in his 30s has been going on. The grandmother, who has been trying to adopt this unfortunate child, seemingly thought nothing of leaving the young girl with a man whom she apparently barely knew.

What do police say? They say they haven't been able to catch up with the suspect to question him. What do we say? We say that we've previously reported this woman's inability to care properly for the child twice...and we will report it again. We say why would any trained social worker even consider allowing this woman to adopt her granddaughter?

We hope to have a copy of the Muscle Shoals police report by early next week and will publish it then. In the interim, we urge all our readers to pray for the safety of this child.


The TimesDaily just published an article on the parole status of Dana Myhan Allen which quoted the Lauderdale County District Attorney: "...we had several letters that had been sent to us from members of the Wilson community that were opposing (Allen’s) parole.

If anyone seeks any input into the parole process, it's best to write the parole board directly. Include the subject's AIS number with the other pertinent information. This information is easily found online, and we have previously published the info for several offenders here.

Allen's sentence is relatively short, but many in the system may remain incarcerated long after current district attorneys leave office. Files can be discarded or lost locally before ever being forwarded to Montgomery. Allen will be released on December 19, 2013, unless her behavior warrants loss of accrued Correctional Incentive Time.


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