Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aaron Gregory Lucas Arrested for 2002 Crime

Aaron Gregory Lucas, an army officer with ties to Madison and points west, has been returned to Alabama and booked on charges related to a 2002 unsolved sex case. There had been previous speculation that Lucas was connected to an attempted 2008 Hazel Green abduction.

If guilty of the 2002 crime, Lucas would have been only 19 or 20 when he began his serial career as a molester of prepubescent girls. It's not known what punishment might await the lieutenant in Madison County if he should be convicted, but he faces a possible total of 100 years in Colorado.

We say let Colorado have and support him. He will only lower the class of felons currently incarcerated in this state.

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The Sherwin-Williams police have just solved several recent UFO sightings in the area. It seems Primo's Pizza in Elgin is visible as far away as the next galaxy and was being mistaken for a caution light. The Alabama Department of Transportation has also expressed concern about the restaurant, stating it's caused a massive shortage of yellow striping paint. Here's hoping Primo's will hire a new decorator in 2013.


Tomorrow: Andrew Beach and the driver who took him from his family.


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