Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dolphin Pooh & Her Four Lovers

The title of today's post may be slightly misleading, so if you are two of Dolphin's lovers who aren't currently incarcerated, we're not going to name names. Rest assured if we have your names, so does the Lauderdale County District Attorney's office--just in case you've been receiving or producing any child porn.

Our more sedate readers are obviously asking who is Dolphin Pooh. It seems DP is the screen name/e-mail moniker of Patricia Edmon Ayers, currently held on almost insurmountable bond in the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center for producing pornographic images of her then seven year-old daughter.

In July 2011, Ayers sent several photographs of herself  in various stages of undress, some posed in a manner we assume she thought was sexually appealing, to four men. One of the men was her future husband, Matthew Ayers. Matthew's screen name is Mystik Dragon Slayer--just the perfect touch to add to a resume' seeking professional employment in a highly competitive world.

Obviously several things are odd about these e-mails. We have to wonder why the now Mrs. Ayers would have sent them as a group. If we can see the missives were sent to four different men, the recipients could also. Was she pitting one against the other, or did she just not realize the men would see that at least three others were also the benefactors of her photographic favors?

The second question that readily comes to mind? Did Patricia Edmon Ayers really think she was Playboy material? Always keep your kit on is something most mothers teach their daughters at an early age. Just how desperate was Patricia for a little male attention? Desperate enough to offer her own daughter as an enticement?

While the above revelations are shocking enough, it's the name of her second lover that boggles the mind. Readers will just have to wait until Monday for that revelation and some (censored) pics of Patricia in the nude. We don't think the subject is at all appropriate for the Lord's Day.

Tomorrow: The Man Who Will Replace Ronnie Willis


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