Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dolphin Pooh & the Axeman

We've gotten an extremely interesting and witty comment from "Pat," asking tongue-in-cheek at what dating site Dolphin Pooh, aka Patricia Edmon Ayers, met her online lovers. We can just imagine how DP's ad would have read:

My name's Dolphin Pooh and I'm 32 (that's my wrist measurement, btw). I'm married to a wonderful man who slays dragons in his spare time. He might be willing to move up to turtles if that's what you're in to. We're looking for someone to make up a threesome, but if you'd rather have another female, my seven year-old daughter is available. She doesn't talk due to development issues, so you don't have to worry about her ratting us out. Choking is fine also, but I do draw the line at death and dismemberment. However, if it gets that far with you and someone else, I'll be happy to visit you in jail.

Yes, folks, Patricia's fourth online (and up close and personal) lover was the Axeman (name edited), also known as Ron Wikkid Weems. Among the approximately 20 photos Patricia sent her four guys, four contained nudity not appropriate for this blog. We were able to censor one, but the other three were a lost cause (use your imagination). Yes, all were taken outside by an unknown photographer. We going to assume if Patricia had close neighbors before the pin-up shoot, they quickly found new digs.

It seems that, at least at one time, Patricia was one of three on Weems' visitor list at the Colbert County Jail. Now that she's incarcerated herself, we doubt she'll be getting across the river that much. Was she still on his visitor's list at the time of her arrest? That we don't know. If she was, perhaps Ron was trying to turn her life around, he being recently baptized and all. It certainly wouldn't be because she was putting money on his books, now would it?

Look at it this way, it could have been a lot worse. She could have already been drawing her disability (read: our tax dollars at work) and using it to support Ron Wikkid in jail. Ain't love grand?



  1. Oh how delightful! Nude pictures with a … is that a silo in the background? Classy!! The dirt road also very accurately depicts her status. I can hear the conversation leading up to this particular shot.

    “Now Dolphin Pooh, for this next shot, I’m gonna need you to give me your sexiest eyes. Let the wind blow through your hair! Stare off into the distance as if you’re deep in thought. Thatta girl! Now remember, we’ve added some extra quarters into these tube socks for extra sag so they’re going to be heavy. Hold them! Work the camera, girl!”

    I shouldn’t make light of something so twisted, but this woman is clearly delusional. Thank goodness she is no longer afforded the right of raising children.

  2. Now wait a minute, I lived on a dirt road until recently. Don't put all of us country folks in her group.

  3. That right thare is gonna give me some nightmares. Lawdy mercy, God gave us sewing machines to make something to cover ugly and fat - that woman right thare needs to cover it up - all of it. Law, this ain't gonna be easy to forget. Lawdy mercy. What's this world coming to. Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy. I think I might be sick. Real Sick. Cover up that ugly woman.