Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Abuse of System in Sheffield?

Former Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray is currently on paid leave pending a civil service board hearing. That means the City of Sheffield is paying both Ray and his interim replacement, who is also fire chief. How much is this costing the city? We have no firm idea since Dewey King was already on the payroll. We do have a concrete idea that Mr. Ray feels his days as chief, working or on leave, are numbered.

Ray is paying Colbert County attorney Tony Hughes to defend him of charges related to malfeasance. The hearing, already postponed once, was scheduled for January 17th; on the 14th, Hughes requested the subpoena of several witnesses. Obviously, the subpoenas could not be processed in three days time--something we imagine Hughes, our readers, and Hong Kong garbage truck workers would probably be cognizant of.

Either former Florence cop Tony Hughes just received some extremely pertinent new information, he isn't doing his job, or he's attempting to manipulate the system in Sheffield. Only the first possibility is an acceptable one. We have to wonder why Chief Ray didn't hire Billy Underwood. We don't know his going rate, but he does get things done.


Have fond memories of the Norwood Theatre? The site of the popular movie house in the Seven Points area of North Florence is now Pocket Park, but when first constructed in the latter half of the 1940s, the small theatre caused some controversy. It seems that construction materials were still in short supply, and building permits were issued for only necessary structures. The permit to build the new movie house originally stated it was to be a grocery store. After construction began, some savvy observers reported to the city that it was the only grocery store they ever saw with that much gradient to the floor, but by that time the building was well under way.

Don't you miss those days of dissembling to get around all those pointless government regulations? No? Oh, you just visit Muscle Shoals when you feel nostalgic for them.

If you just adore the Norwood theatre card pictured above, it can be yours for only 3.00 and shipping. Between YouTube and eBay, who can't relive their childhood? Link



  1. I posted a picture of my Dad on his Farmall tractor in the early 40's on my page and Remember Tuscumbia. Rubber went to the war effort. He had metal wheels on front and back.

  2. I see where Ken Irby is also representing Chief Ray. I believe he's at least honest.