Monday, January 7, 2013

D.K. Is Happy Tonight!

Our fellow blog member D.K. is extremely happy tonight after Bama's super win over Notre Dame. Our facetious comment of yesterday was taken the wrong way by some--No, none of us here was rooting for the Irish.


Is Goody's coming to the Sav-A-Lot Shopping Center in Muscle Shoals? If Pounders Realty has its way, the middle-of-the-road department store will be joining its sister store in the town's core shopping area.

Besides Burke's Discount, the company owns Beall's and Peeble's Department Stores. There's currently one Goody's in Russellville, and three Burke's in the area. Their gift cards are welcome at any of their stores, making for a great retail experience. Here's hoping Muscle Shoals gets this plum.


Speaking of retail, how's Publix doing? We hear their main draw is the weekly buy-one-get-one-free offers. When making your shopping list, don't forget Belle Foods; the Alabama owned chain seems to get better each week.


Know what this is?

According to this eBay listing, it's an illegal gambling chip from an establishment run by Pride and Dewitt Dawson. If you find it interesting, it can be yours for only 9.95.


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