Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Chinese Fire Drill?

A friend of ours recently called the goings-on at the Barton Navistar plant a "Chinese fire drill." Also falling into that category is the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, now closed again. Instead of rushing to reopen, wouldn't it be more logical to work first on long range plans for financing? Just a thought...


Speaking of "fire," one Muscle Shoals fire fighter took great umbrage to yesterday's blog on possessing firemen in that city. You know, if you have to explain a joke, it seems to lose something, but rest assured those demons on Avalon Avenue were not the firefighters, but beings we speculated were hanging out on the popular thoroughfare attempting to capture the souls of Muscle Shoals' finest. Ergo the need for a law against possessing them.

As for the accompanying photo? Ahem...if you can't take a joke, well, let's just say most of our readers loved it. We also hope most firefighters found it complementary, not condescending.

We'll also add a correction. The letter to Greg Scoggins that we published was not from the Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board, but from the Mayor/Turtle Slayer David Bradford himself. Look for Alexis Denisof to play the Slayer in an upcoming TV movie of the week.


Remember Patricia Ayers? Sure you do--Lauderdale County's candidate for mother of the year. It seems Patricia has some interests in her life besides casting spells and taking lewd pictures of her young daughter. If you think there's nothing that could make you think less of her, stay tuned.


We hope most mothers place their children first. We know one that seems to be on the right track, and we salute her. Hang in there; by this time next year we predict a whole new ball game and a whole new life.



  1. I've come to the conclusion that people just look for ways to be offended.

    Just think.
    If I knew who that fire figher was, I could have a little fun at his/her expense.

  2. I think Mayor Bradford got Scoggins mixed up with the other Policeman that shot a deer and called a Fireman to help him track the deer and get it.

    Oh yeah - that has never happened in Muscle Shoals, even though the fireman did report his aiding and abetting a policeman to a shift boss and nothing was done. But, then again, that wasn't Scoggins that possessed that fireman.

    Guess Scoggins is being punished for the other officer's indiscretions. Fraudian slip????