Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Are Child Support Payments Calculated?

The wonderful world of child support in Alabama is sometimes arcane at best. We've asked several for their input and this synopsis seems to cover most of it:
As I understand it. Child Support payments are mandatory mailed to a payment center in Montgomery. This is for a tracking and accounting system to calculate $$$ for the federal government to send incentive funding to the state. 

The Fed's repay the state 66% of the amount collected. After a certain threshold (including the arrears) is met that goes to 90% on the dollar.

In cases of arrears, records are separate for that, but collections on arrears collected by the state are given $1.83 per every dollar collected in federal incentive funding. 

I have talked to many in Montgomery and no one can tell us where all this money goes.
I don't know how the monies are calculated for Lauderdale to get $358K.  Some counties are not reporting any.

We welcome any new input into this matter. Now the salient point is: Do district attorneys encourage court ordered child support in opposition of civil (as in polite) agreements of shared custody and support? We welcome input into this question also.

To be continued...


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