Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Munday, Munday/From Public Trust to DA

Brandon Shane Munday's career in law enforcement is a prime example of the word "checkered." His vehicular homicide trial is scheduled to begin next month, the children of the couple he killed while driving have filed a civil suit, and now the former North Courtland officer is facing federal charges for using excessive force at a traffic stop. It seems there is, or at least was, another incident for which Mundy was being investigated. It was reported in August 2010:

The officer involved has a case in which he was seen by witnesses beating a teenager that was trying to do what the officer was telling him to do. He just didn't do it fast enough for him.

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Yesterday we commented on the extra dollars child support cases may bring a county; in other words, the more collected, the more extra funding. While we're discussing Lauderdale County specifically in this series, other North Alabama counties have also reaped the benefit of this program. For the fiscal year October 2011-September 2012, the district attorneys of these counties received funds from the Public Welfare Trust Fund:

Colbert County -- 224K+

Lawrence County -- 150K+

Lauderdale County -- 358K+

Madison County --  460K+

Just what is the Public Welfare Trust Fund? From the Alabama Department of Finance:

Public Welfare Trust Fund - This is the major operating fund of the Department of Human Resources. It is mainly funded by the whiskey tax and the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board profits, sales tax, franchise tax, beer tax, as well as federal funds. The PWTF also receives annual appropriations from the State General Fund and the Education Trust Fund.

Tomorrow: A closer look at Lauderdale County and one of its cases...


From D.K.:

Re: Parole Hearings, a Parole Board member Mr Robert P. Longshore will be on WAFF Channel 48 at 10:00 Thursday Night. We are blessed to have a good Parole Board--they have a difficult job.


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