Sunday, January 6, 2013

Railroad Avenue?

It seems that several new facilities are in the preliminary planning stage for Florence, the city that never saw a million dollar project it didn't like. That isn't surprising. It's also not surprising that Mayor Mickey Haddock realizes the impact the proposed East Florence Arts and Entertainment District will have on that area.

What is surprising is that Haddock has stated the city sanitation department headquarters may have to be moved from Railroad Avenue because of the future development. Anyone been down Railroad Avenue recently? It's as picturesque as it sounds. Running parallel to the train tracks, the narrow road runs from North to East Florence. Several small businesses dot the landscape as well as a few homes.

Perhaps we're not thinking big enough here, but in five to ten years, we don't see Railroad Avenue as home to Hard Rock Florence.


Anyone have any plans tomorrow night? No? Didn't think so. Maybe TV Land will have a marathon of Bewitched...


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