Saturday, January 5, 2013

Patricia Edmon Ayers...Pagan Pornographer?

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Patricia Allana Edmon Ayers lives in the Johnson Crossroads community north of Florence. The 32 year-old woman was arrested yesterday for the manufacture and possession of five pornographic images of a seven year-old girl. The Tucson, Arizona, native has told police she took the photos in order to document a skin rash. Married since 2008, Ayers states on a social networking profile that she has three children from a previous relationship. DHR has now taken the children into state custody.

Authorities are calling the pictures "proactive." We'll interpret that as posing the child in certain provocative positions. Apparently the photographs weren't hidden, but appeared in a photostream that belonged to the Lauderdale County woman. Ayers is also a member of PaganSpace (pictured above), a social networking site for wiccans, witches, and others involved in the occult.

How will her "medical" defense play? We'll predict not all that well. After all, why post them to the Internet? Ayers isn't exactly mother of the year material...


Will Greg Scoggins appeal to the Civil Service Board now that Muscle Shoals Mayor David Bradford has turned down the former officer's request for leniency? He very well may, but our expert on police procedure feels it's a case that can't be won. According to WHNT, the Alabama Department of Conservation will not be prosecuting Casey Liles, the 19 year-old who assisted in transporting the body of the dead deer to a local residence.


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