Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Muscle Shoals Travel Budget

Several readers have asked our opinion of the 30K annual Muscle Shoals travel budget. The budget does look odd when compared to the relatively meager 7.5K spent in the much larger city of Florence. Is Muscle Shoals that much more active in recruiting, etc.?

We asked a contact in Muscle Shoals who felt the budget was not excessive considering the city's recruitment of foreign business. Another source provided us with this breakdown:


On a more serious note, the State of Alabama may soon be abandoning its role in liquor sales. Most other states which once played such a part in the sale of alcohol closed their retail outlets years ago. Should the state be in the booze business?

We say no, but recent articles on the subject have brought to light some interesting facts. Apparently when states control much of the retail market, sales are lower since such stores close earlier than their private counterparts. What? You mean people don't just drive elsewhere to get it? Then we've been lied to all these years?


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  1. I hear those people eat exotic meals on the expense account. Shoalanda, you might oughta ask for meal tickets. Deer Meat ain't the only high priced meat Muscle Shoals people eat.