Friday, November 23, 2012

Close to Home Sex Crime - Aaron Gregory Lucas

At the age of 25, Huntsville native Aaron Gregory Lucas joined the Alabama National Guard. A year later, in 2009, he transferred to active duty, served in Afghanistan, and won a Bronze Star. Back home in the States, the married father of two was stationed in Colorado where he received the commission of 2nd Lieutenant. This is what most of us would call a success story.

Then investigators in Colorado tied Lucas to at least 14 incidents that occurred in two cities between June 2010 and August 2012. Among the sex crimes Lucas has been charged with are indecent exposure, child enticement, and kidnapping. Kidnapping by itself is a felony, a crime of moral turpitude, and can carry a life sentence. If convicted of each of the 23 charges, Lucas could be sentenced to up to 100 years in prison. He's currently out of jail on a bond of 730K and back on duty at Ft. Carson, Co.

These crimes are both terrible and newsworthy in themselves, but how do they relate to us in northwest Alabama? It seems Lucas has friends in this area and may have spent time here. We don't know if any local law enforcement are looking into unsolved crimes of this nature in the Shoals and immediate surrounding areas, but at least one 2008 case in Hazel Green has now been reopened with Lt. Lucas as the prime suspect.

We're told so often today that we've wronged our children by teaching "stranger danger." Yes, most abductions are by neighbors, acquaintances, and even family members, but Lucas, who was unable to lure even one child successfully (the one he kidnapped escaped almost immediately) is a prime example that stranger danger still has its place.


A reader has asked if the spouse of a convicted felon with unrestored gun rights can own a gun. From the sources we've consulted, yes, he or she can, but probably would not want to if they cared about their spouse. If the gun should be found by law enforcement in any commonly shared area of the marital home, or in a mutually used car, the former felon would face both state and federal charges. Not really worth it, is it? Of course, the gun owner just might want to get rid of his or her spouse without forking over a huge financial settlement...


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  1. You left out teachers on the list. They abduct kids too. Or maybe that's coaches. Looks like we have to be extra careful now.

    1. Yes, parents should remind their children about those at school as well, or even church. If the comment was directed at a specific person, we doubt he will ever be employed to teach/coach in Alabama, license or not.